A Song For Singers

This is the second song in the series “For Old Friends and Ghosts of Friends”. The first song “For Actors” can be found here. The Third song “For Brothers” will be forthcoming  in the next week.


For Singers

We were singers once in a great choir, blending parts through songs of love and sorrow and of God. Through sweeping crescendos our voices swelled in harmonies and dissonance. We passed the melody between parts, always supporting the lead; always supporting each other. We knew by the tune the end of our concert was coming, but we smiled through it and gave all we could to our song until, at last, the conductor, with a flip of the baton, gave his final cut off. The last note faded in the hall, and our concert was done. We bowed to the applause, hugged and said “well done” and “goodbye.”


I had thought then, as we went our separate ways that, should we meet again, we would greet each other with the old songs and harmonize again or perhaps sing in unison new songs we had learned since. But, as I have met some of you,  it seems we cannot find the notes or remember the lyric. We have not learned the same new songs and our voices no longer blend. (Has your voice changed, or mine, or both?) We try to find the tune, correct and compensate, but there is too much wrong with the performance and not enough time. So, in sad disappointment, voices spent from trying to reclaim it, we talk, only talk, about the old concert knowing it will not be again.


With others, our voices, mellowed by years, blend much better than before. We sing through the old songs and into the new, teaching each other as we go. Taking turns serenading and being serenaded we sing a new concert of our own. No, it’s not the same as the old concert, but it is right for our time and for our age, and we recapture that spirit of camaraderie. We dance with the ghosts, but also with the living and the tune and the waltz are beautiful still, as they once were, but different.


No, that concert can never be again. Some of us can no longer sing our parts and some sing no more. For those of you with whom I still sing, I cherish every note, even when your voice, or mine, falls flat. For the rest, it does not matter which voice or voices have changed; we should not struggle to sing those harmonies we have lost. I think only of you in how we once sounded, for that concert, that moment was glorious in my mind, and the ghost of you lives in that glorious recording because you sang it with me.


One Response to “A Song For Singers”

  1. A unique presentation of our interactions with people throughout our lives. Beautifully painted picture. Me likely.

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