A Song for Brothers

This is the last of the three songs “For Old Friends and Ghosts of Friends” . The previous  two can be found by following the links:

For Actors

For Singers

I hope you have enjoyed these. I might post a companion piece to these before the verse versions are complete, but I might not.


For Brothers

We were brothers, not long ago. Joined by common cause and love, if not by blood. We laughed and played, we drank and danced and fought. We fought but we always came back together and laughed all the louder at our foolish squabbles as we raised a glass to each other. It seemed then that this brotherhood was forever, that we should never leave each other’s side. But as we reached that time where all men must make their own way, you had to walk your path and I mine. We shook hands and slapped shoulders. We would be together again.


As I walked my path, I often thought of you; how I would like to break bread or raise a glass again; how you would support me when the path was overgrown and rough as you had before. To have you, my brother, at my side again would make the road seem easier; we could face the challenges together as we had faced so many before. You had your own path to walk, but I had the ghost of you walking beside me, and I heard your voice and laughter. I would tell you of this when we were together again. We would be together again; we were brothers.


But when our paths met again, it was not as I had seen. We shook hands and slapped shoulders, but with time spent on separate ground, our common ground was lost. The common causes that joined us were gone and our new causes were at odds. New brothers had filled the gaps and there was no place at your side for me. In your place by me stood your ghost’, who had shared the road with me. He is not you; you are not him. He is you had you walked my path with me, but you did not; you walked your own.


We were brothers, but how can that be true? brothers once but brothers no longer. Once together, supporting, now opposing, I wonder if had our paths stayed closer would we still be on different sides. Can we be at crossed purposes without crossing swords? I hope one day we can find that common ground again. But I want you to know, though the common cause is gone, the love is not. I would like to shake your hand and slap your shoulder and tell you that if we were brothers once, then we are brothers still. Then walk away, your ghost still at my side.


One Response to “A Song for Brothers”

  1. Faith Smith Says:

    Very romantic, melancholy, and rich.

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