This blog is written for me. If you enjoy it or have a constructive thought, please comment. If you care to disagree, do so without being disagreeable. If  you must be disagreeable, I will block you from commenting. 

I have categorized into:

 Reflections- General thoughts about my life

Politics, Religion and Society- my thoughts on these topics, possibly ranting, likely sarcastic, all opinion

Open letters- things that absolutely must be said, and should be used as warning and education (definitely sarcastic intended for humor)

And the subcategory of Open Letters to Matthew Griffin- when I announced on Facebook that I was starting a blog, Mr. Griffin gave me great positive feedback that I would last 2 to 3 months. Knowing his desire for constant attention, I thought being a regular part of my blog would be a proper thank you for his support and friendship.




One Response to “About”

  1. darefamily Says:

    JS! Hey, was going to ask you. How did you get all the font color options? Is that part of your theme or do you use Typekit Fonts? I started looking into it, but haven’t made the plunge. let me know: paulandjendare at gmail dot com

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