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The Angel in the Alley

Posted in Reflections, Uncategorized with tags , , , on December 9, 2013 by Justin S. Smith

This idea came from a brief text exchange with my brother after the Elf on the Shelf post. If you came here searching for an inspirational story of supernatural protection, you have made a grave error. Keep reading though, you may yet be inspired. – J.S.S.

I think I was clear about my opinions of the Elf on the Shelf. What if you agree with me but still want the fun of moving an inanimate object about your property convincing your children that it only moves when they’re not watching? Sure you could go full Toy Story on them, but isn’t that just another version of playing with dolls  like the Elf on the Shelf? Hasn’t the Doctor already given us the answer?

I offer you the Elf on the Shelf Whovian alternative: The Angel in the Alley (for those non-Whovians get some information here or here.)

Imagine, you send one of your children to take out the trash the day after Thanksgiving and when they open the back gate, an angel statue is standing in the alley. The next day they look out the window and see the angel in the yard blocking the gate. You can move it around a few times outside, maybe have a hand on the window to a child’s bedroom with the fanged mouth open and exposed.

Then you bring it in the house and place it in frightening locations for discovery: behind the shower curtain, right outside of a bedroom door, in the bedroom closet. Christmas morning the child awakes to find an angel by their bed reaching for them to toss them back in time. If you’re a real over achiever, maybe the angel is by the child’s bed on the morning of the 24th and they wake on Christmas to find the house altered to simulate that they have been sent back to a different era. Go as far as you want with it. The important things are to make sure they notice the changes and adjust to their emotional stability.

So, if instead of magic and whimsy you want to teach your children vigilance and fear of blinking; if you’d rather clean up the destruction made by an 8 year old trying to escape a statue than a mess you made yourself mimicking a mischievous elf;  if you want the fun of manipulating your children’s emotions but want to make sure that the fun is one sided (really, they’re already getting Christmas gifts, do they need a month of fun build up or do they need to really earn it?) I recommend the Angel in the Alley.

Any help lining up manufacturing, building a prototype or contacting BBC for permissions will be rewarded with a free set of angels (one per child) and/or equity in the business. – J.S.S.